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Ron Medellin Extra - Anejo

Age 8 J. - 0,7 liter - 39% ABV
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Article: Ron Medellin Extra - Añejo
Country: Colombia
Producer: Fábrica de Licores y Alcoholes de Antioquía
Age: 8 years
Barrel: American white oak
Description: Rum from molasses matured in oak barrels; supple and fruity.
Alcohol: 39%
Colour: Golden brown
Taste: Mellow and easily dry at the palate, fine sweetness, with notes after honey, caramel, nuts and fresh molasses.
Finish: Middle length.
Further details
Country of origin: Colombia
Company: Fábrica de Licores y Alcoholes de Antioquía
Address: Carrera 50 N° 12 Sur 149 Itagüí, Antioquia, Colombia
Distributor: Sucos do Brasil Productos Latino GmbH
Address: Graf Landsberg Straße 9, D-41460 Neuss