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Ron Jaguar Edición Cordillera Cask Strength 65% 0,5 Liter

Smooth, elegant and precious.- with a higher alcoholic amount.
0,5 liter - 65% ABV
currently not available
Article: Ron Jaguar Edición Cordillera Cask Strength
Country: Costa Rica
Rum type: Molasses rum
Producer: Costa Rica Rum Company
Barrel: Toasted American oak casks, ex-bourbon from Kentucky.
Alcohol: 65%
Characteristics: This molasses rum in the Spanish style is a blend from heavy column still and conventional high column still rums with an age of 10 years.
Taste: Smooth at the palate with notes after orange, nutmeg, tobacco and smoky oak and vanilla notes.
Finish: Long lasting.
Further details
Country of origin: Costa Rica
Company: Costa Rica Rum Company S.A.
Address: San José C.R.
Distributor: ATF GmbH
Address: Simon-von-Utrecht-Str. 1, D-20359 Hamburg