Ron Cihuatan Sahumerio Limited Edition 2020

The first rum from El Salvador.
0,7 liter - 45.2% ABV
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Article: Ron Cihuatán Sahumerio Limited Edition 2020
Country: El Salvador
Distillery: Licorera Cihuatán
Alcohol: 45.2%
Characteristics: Notes of incense, dried myrtle, cacao butter, carnation honey and dried apricots.
Number of bottles: 7356
Further details
Country of origin: El Salvador
Company: Licorera Cihuatán S.A. de C.V.
Address: Avenida La Capilla #219,  Colonia San Benito San Salvador, El Salvador
Distributor: Top Distribution B.V.
Address: Malledijk 3B, 3208 A, Spijkenisee, The Netherlands