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Roederer Brut Rose Vintage 2013

Rosé vintage champagne with rich fruit essences.
Year 2013 - 0,75 liter - 12% ABV
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Contains sulphites
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Article: Roederer Brut Rosé Jahrgang 2013
Country: France
Region: Champagne, hilly country of Marne.
Category: Vintage Champagne Rosé, dry
Producer: Louis Roederer
Vintage: 2013
Grape variety: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
Alcohol: 12%
Colour: A light, bright and clear rosé
Flavour: Fine, steady stream of bubbles.
Complex bouquet dominated by an almost minty freshness combined with zesty fruit, wild strawberry and raspberry. The nose opens out to reveal spicy and smoky notes, characteristic of the Pinot noirs grown in Cumières, along with aromas of dried fruit, roasted almonds and cocoa beans. Underlying saline notes, reminiscent of sea spray.
Taste: On the palate the wine is soft and smooth yet also piercingly fresh. A well-integrated wine with excellent body, freshness, long length and delicate mouthfeel. The body softens gradually and coats the palate with a velvety smoothness underpinned by a salinity and delicate hints of tannin from the flesh and skins of the Pinot noir grape.
Finish: The finish is fresh, long and very persistent.
Drinking temperature: 8 °C
Drink recommendation: Perfect as apéritif, match dishes with noble poultry, poached salmon or scallops, also very well. Flummeries like sponges with ripe red berries also harmonize perfectly.
Dosage: 8 g/l

The 1776 founded Champagne house in Reims has more than 200 hectares of vineyard, exclusively Premier- and Grand Cru-positions. Louis Roederer uses the Maceration Pelliculaire, an intercellular fermentation, at the development of the pink champagnes.

For the production of his pink champagnes Louis Roederer combines two types of the Rosé wine pressing of the Champagne: The maceration and the assemblage. Juice of Chardonnay grapes is added to the Pinot Noir wines during the maceration to ferment together and combine with each other perfectly. After some hours on the mash the pigments of the grapes are extracted sufficiently. To ensure the colour and the style of the champagne house, one uses Pinot Noir grapes of the old vines of Cumières. They are extremely aromatically and highly concentrated. It matures on the yeast for an average of four years and then another six months on the bottle.

Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: France
Company: Champagne Louis Roederer
Address: 21, Boulevard Lundy, CS 40014, 51722 Reims Cedex France