Fruit brandy

Rochelt black Ribisel (Black Currant) 0,35 Liter

Multilayered, dense and harmonious.
Year 2010 - 0,35 liter - 52% ABV
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Article: Rochelt Schwarze Ribisel (black currant) 2010
Country: Austria
Region: Tyrol
Classification: Noble fruit brandy
Producer: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Vintage: 2010
Fruit variety: Black currant
Alcohol: 52%
Flavour: Clear nose with typical herb seasoning. Spicy, piquantly aromatic. Wild herbs and cedar wood.
Taste: Beautiful balance and deep elegance multilayered and full of nuances. Fully loaded with exotic spices (cinnamon, cardamom, citrus pepper, liquorice). Lovely shaping with extreme length: Clean, typical, fresh.
Special: A 100% pure and unfiltered distillate.

The black Ribisel one confessed also as a black currant, classes as the family of the gooseberry plants. She originally wild-growingly was taken and spread by cloisters in the 14 century into culture in Europe and Asia.

The aromatic, sweet sour black berries with fruit maturity between July and August are regarded as definite health fruits. You strengthen and have of all garden fruits heart's and circulation's highest content of vitamin C. Schnapps enthusiast prefer the processing of the ripe berries to one of the most demanding distillates.

Southern Styria is the native country of the blacks Ribisel for this exquisite brandy. For every liter about 25 kg of berries are reaped. The fully ripe berries hand-graded and cleaned are still fermented at the fruit farmers. After natural fermentation and double distillation of the mash the popular middle cut stores at least 3 years in open glass balloons. So the schnapps matures to a multilayered, dense and harmonious distillate of mature Ribisel.

Rochelt is "the distiller" from Tyrol.

Further details
Country of origin: Austria
Company: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Address: Innstraße 2, A - 6122 Fritzens