Fruit brandy

Rochelt Quince 0,35 Liter

Well-balanced quince brandy with fine stylistics.
Year 2006 - 0,35 liter - 50% ABV
currently not available
Article: Rochelt Quitte (Quince) 2006
Country: Austria
Region: Tyrol
Classification: Noble fruit brandy
Producer: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Vintage: 2006
Fruit variety: Quince
Alcohol: 50%
Flavour: Very marked fruit, clear and precise, ripe and tasty, cumin and mustard in the nose.
Taste: Fiery appearance at the palate. Fine fruity and very aromatic. Compact strength and density, prominent. Embellish citrus notes in the finish, elegant appearance.
Special: A 100% pure and unfiltered distillate.

Tasting Note: Vene Maier and Hermann Botolen

Quince has been known since the time of the Trojan wars and it is highly regarded as a symbol of love and fertility by many people and cultures. Derived from the Latin word cydonia - apple from Kydon/Crete.

Raw quince is too hard and acidic for consumption. Once processed it becomes a rare delicacy, such as quince jelly, compote or brandy. Our quince is called “Ronda” and comes from Upper Austria. It is pear-shaped, has a felt like yellow/gold skin at the time of perfect ripeness and bursts with fruity aromas.

The hand-picked fruits are first cleaned and sorted, then chopped and placed into large vats for fermentation. Later they carefully distil the fermented and additive-free mash twice in copper pot stills - following an old Tyrolean tradition. The precious so-called middle cut rests and matures for a minimum of six years in open glass balloons.

Rochelt is "the distiller" from Tyrol.

Further details
Country of origin: Austria
Company: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Address: Innstraße 2, A - 6122 Fritzens