Fruit brandy

Rochelt Kriecherl 0,35 Liter

Fine flavour of ripe wild plums.
Year 2006 - 0,35 liter - 50% ABV
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Article: Rochelt Kriecherl 2006
Country: Austria
Region: Basel
Classification: Noble fruit brandy
Producer: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Vintage: 2006
Fruit variety: Kriecherl - an unimproved, wild-growing plum.
Alcohol: 50%
Characteristics: "Nose very firm and supple, tasty and cool. Grasping at the palate, strong like a handshake of an alpine farmer. Powerful and massive approach. Wild strength and depth with potential and future!" Tasting Notes: Vene Maier
Special: A 100% pure and unfiltered distillate.

These wild plums are cultivated in the upper Austrian "Hausruck" region. They are impressive because of the fine-aromatic taste.

At the perfect time of harvest the fruits are purple, cherry tomato-sized and treasured for their harmony of aromatic flavors.
Picked, sorted and cleaned by hand, the flawless fruits are chopped - without breaking the pits - and placed into vats for fermentation at harvest. After removing the pits from the mash and completing natural fermentation, they carefully distil the additive-free mash twice in copper pot stills.

The precious brandy middle cut then matures in open glass balloons for a minimum of five years. Over time the weight and strength of the alcohol lessens, enabling the palate to benefit from exquisite plum aromas with a fine balance of fruit and pit flavors.

Rochelt is "the distiller" from Tyrol. 

Further details
Country of origin: Austria
Company: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Address: Innstraße 2, A - 6122 Fritzens