Fruit brandy

Rochelt Gravensteiner 0,7 Liter

Fine fruity, gentle apple flavours.
Year 2007 - 0,7 liter - 50% ABV
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Article: Rochelt Gravensteiner 2007
Country: Austria
Region: Tyrol
Classification: Noble fruit brandy
Producer: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Vintage: 2007
Fruit variety: Gravenstein Apple
Alcohol: 50%
Flavour: Very gossamerily, clear fresh fruit , delicate and full of nuances. Very tasty and dense.
Taste: Intensive and complex structure. Racy, firm glaze and extract, very tasty presence.
Finish: Interminably long finish with pressure and potential.
Special: A 100% pure and unfiltered distillate.

This variety of apple has been around since the mid-17th century. It first emerged in the gardens of the Gravenstein palace in Schleswig. The Gravenstein apple is coveted as a very juicy, highly aromatic and precious apple of outstanding quality.

The southern regions of Styria (Austria) offer the best climate conditions for this breed. They harvest the apples by hand, making multiple passes over the course of several weeks to allow each apple to develop its full flavours as it ripens on the tree. This also ensures that the apples are only sorted, cut and placed into the vats for fermentation once they have ripend to perfection.

After natural fermentation and double distillation the precious so called schnapps middle cut rests for minimum five years in open glass balloons. While the schnapps matures, the weight and strength of the alcohol lessens resulting in a rounder and softer schnapps. 

Rochelt is "the distiller" from Tyrol.  

Further details
Country of origin: Austria
Company: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Address: Innstraße 2, A - 6122 Fritzens