Fruit brandy

Rochelt Basler Cherry 0,35 Liter

A unique Tyrolean specialty, highly desired for its compact, aromatic and unique flavours.
Year 2010 - 0,35 liter - 50% ABV
currently not available
Article: Rochelt Basler Kirsche 2010
Country: Austria
Region: Basel
Classification: Noble fruit brandy
Producer: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Fruit variety: Basler Kirsche, sweet cherry
Alcohol: 50%
Special: A 100% pure and unfiltered distillate.

Tasting Note: Vene Maier and Hermann Botolen

Originated from the Black Sea region, this distinguished cherry is part of the family of sweet cherries. Around 70 b.C. the Romans first brought them to Italy and later to the rest of Europe.

Two kinds of cherries are selected for the schnapps: "Basler Langstieler" and "Dolleseppler", both cultivated in the Basel region of Switzerland. They have the shape of a heart, and - once ripened to perfection - are brownish- red, juicy, sweet and burst with sweet cherry flavours. Handpicked, sorted and washed during harvest, they place the pitfree cherries into large vats for fermentation.

After naturally fermentation they carefully distil the additive-free mash twice in the copper pot stills. The precious so called schnapps middle cut then matures in open glass balloons for minimum four years. While the schnapps matures, it becomes mellow and gentle as the strength and weight of alcohol lessens. 

Rochelt is "the distiller" from Tyrol.

Further details
Country of origin: Austria
Company: Brennerei Rochelt GmbH
Address: Innstraße 2, A - 6122 Fritzens