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Rhabbi Rhabarber Limes

The New Hamburg scene drink.
0,7 liter - 15% ABV
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Article: Rhabbi - Rhabarber Limes -
Country: Germany
Region: Hamburg
Producer: A.T.E. Getränke GmbH
Alcohol: 15%
Special: Produced with Lütauer rhubarb juice and real vanilla.

Please shake strongly before the consumption.

After opening the bottle please store cool and dark and consume within e few days.

Rhabbi Rhina:

1 lime divided into eights
2 teaspoons of brown sugar
Crushed Ice
6 cl Rhabbi
Shot Chacaca
Serve in a tumbler-glass.

Rhabbi Quiri:

5 cl Rhabbi
3 cl white rum
2 cl lemon juice
Mix everything together with crushed ice in a cocktail blender. Serve in cocktail- or tumbler glass.

Rhabbi Colada:

8 cl Rhabbi
3 cl white rum
2 cl cream
10 cl pineapple juice
2 cl coconut
Skake alltogether with ice and pour in a cocktail glass, garnish with a drop of grenadine.

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: a.t.e. Getränke GmbH
Address: Schwarzenbeker Landstraße 16, D-21039 Börnsen
Storage note: On the bottle.