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ReGINerate Artisan Gin

0,5 liter - 49% ABV
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Article: ReGINerate Artisan Gin
Country: Germany
Region: North Rhine-Westphalia
Producer: ReGINerate
Alcohol: 49%
Characteristics: Produced by hand to 100% from 13 botanicals. Pineapple and red currant are the leading botanicals next to juniper. Rounded off with hibiscus flower carrot serves as a catalyst to create the transition from the fruity note to the sharp juniper. The careful distillation is carried out after a maceration time of 48 hours, the distillate then matures for the completion for 6 weeks before it is filled into earthenware bottles.
Taste: Complex fruit notes passing over in juniper notes.
Drink recommendation: Pure or as Gin & Tonic.

ReGINerate - Artisan Gin Made The Slow Way     

Not herbs and spices set the tone for this gin, but fruity notes of pineapple and red currant conjure a completely new taste experience up. An excellent reinterpretation that shows what gin is allowed, and what gin can do! ReGINerate manages to combine fruity notes with the typical sharp finish of the juniper.        

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: ReGINerate Martin Kern
Address: Hammerschmidtstr. 11, 47798 Krefeld