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Raki Yeni ÂLÂ

A world-famous anise specialty of unmistakable taste and exquisite quality.
0,7 liter - 47% ABV
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Article: Raki Yeni ÂLÂ
Country: Turkey
Region: Izmir
Alcohol: 47%
Characteristics: For the preparation of the base alcohol sun-dried raisins are used exclusively. A triple distillation is carried out in classic copper-alambique. For the third distillation very aromatic Pimpinella anise is added. Responsible for the famous smell and taste after liquorice. After the reduction on drinking strength the distillate stores a month in oak barrels. So the Raki gets complexity and depth in taste.
Taste: Fine anise and grape flavours.
Drinking temperature: 8 - 10 °C
Drink recommendation: The known and typical milky dulling enters by thinning with water.


Further details
Country of origin: Turkey
Company: Mey Alkollü Ickiler Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.
Address: Abide-i Hürriyet Cad. No:211 Bolkan Center B Blok 34381 Sisli / Istanbul
Distributor: Borco-Marken-Import
Address: Winsbergring 12-22, 22525 Hamburg
Storage note: Keep of a direct solar radiation far at a cool, dry place.