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Potocki Vodka Poland

He belongs to the top brands in England and the USA.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Potocki Wodka Poland
Country: Poland
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: A vodka manufactured manually with an intensive flavour, a soft body and a long finish. With that Potocki Vodka lifts not only from the mass of the standard vodkas but also of most (super-) quality products of its category.
Drinking temperature: Enjoy pure and warm, like a noble whisky or brandy - not chilled, maximum „on the rocks "
Drink recommendation: As a companion to tasty meat dishes, smoked fish and caviar. He is also suitably as a noble digestive or in the company of a good cigar. Also in a Dry Martini it makes a good figure.

Potocki vodka is distilled exclusively from locally grown rye by a small artisanal working distiller near Poznan. The rye is malted, fermented and taken to the fermentation by means of yeast. The arisen mash becomes merely twice distilled in a 2 column Continuous Still, not like much other quality vodkas 3,4, 5-times what produces a very pure but also fragrance poor distillate. The received flavours are not withdrawn by the usual cold or carbon filtration either but the ready distillate is filled unfilteredly.

Further details
Country of origin: Poland
Distributor: DTS & W GmbH
Address: Gewerbepark BWB 19, D-83052 Bruckmühl