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Plantation Fiji Rum Vintage Edition 2009

Year 2009 - 0,7 liter - 44.8% ABV
With colouring
currently not available
Article: Plantation Fiji Rum Vintage Edition 2009
Country: Fiji
Rum type: Vintage Rum
Distillery: South Pacific Distillery
Vintage: 2009
Barrel: At first 7-year storage in Fiji in bourbon barrels (200 l). The rum then stored in small, second-hand Cognac barrels made of French oak (350 l) in the cool cellars of Château de Bonbonnet/Cognac even another 24 months.
Alcohol: 44.8%
Characteristics: Distilled in pot- und column still. Made of molasses; with no dosage.
Colour: Old gold
Flavour: Round and multilayered bouquet with notes of butter, caramel, cocoa and Ginger Ale. Also fruity impressions of quince, fine hazelnut and coconut nuances.
Taste: Intensive flavours at the palate. Next to prickly pears, then discreet notes of varnish, oil and wood. It shows itself later more fruitily and more tastily. Beautiful facets develop from bananas, pecans, nutmeg and oak.

The Plantation Rum Collection offers you exquisite and unique treasures of the Caribbean. Every rum is expression of the unmistakably Caribbean flavours and traditions.

The burning methods are different depending on plantation and country of origin. The distillation in the "burning piston" lets arise soft, aromatic rums while "Column Stills" are producing light, elegant rums.

The freshly cut sugar cane of the plantation is pressed to win the juice from it which either is heated up gently to molasses first or is fermented directly to sugar cane juice, the "vesou". These ingredients then come, tradition-like for the respective country, into the burning apparatus. 

After the distillation Plantation rum is decanted to the maturity into little oak barrels in which bourbon, cognac or sherry lay before. A method which awards her quite special and unique character to the rums. These precious rums are only available in limited quantity.

Further details
Country of origin: Fiji
Company: Cognac Ferrand
Address: Château de Bonbonnet 24 Chemin Prés 16130 Ars France