Pimm's No.1

A high-quality mix liquor with fresh, fruity character valued very much particularly in the gastronomy.
0,7 liter - 25% ABV
With colouring
currently not available
Article: Pimm's No.1
Country: Great Britain
Producer: Pimm's Spirit Drink
Alcohol: 25%
Characteristics: The base of London Dry gin, as well as a mix from liqueurs, fruit nectar and herbs award his fresh summery slight taste. It is a cocktail classic that shouldn't be missing on any card.
Taste: Fresh and fruity.
Drinking temperature: Chilled
Drink recommendation: Ideal for mixing.

Pimm's No. 1 Cup was created in 1840 by a bartender named James Pimm at an oyster bar in London's financial district.

Recipe suggestion:

Mix 1 part of Pimm´s with 2-3 parts of icy-cold lemon lemonade or Ginger Ale. Enclose sufficient ice and garnish with a lemons, oranges, or cucumber slice.

List of ingredients: Plain caramel (E 150a)
E numbers: E 150a
Further details
Country of origin: Great Britain
Company: Pimm's Spirit Drink
Address: Office 30 78 Marylebone High Street London, W1U 5AP Great Britain
Distributor: DBBV
Address: Molenwerf 12, 1014 BG, NL