Pierre Ferrand Ancestrale 1st Cru Grande Champagne

Pierre Ferrand Ancestrale 1er Cru Grande Champagne is a composition of oldest reserve of Cognac - an unusual quality, a really big cognac.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Pierre Ferrand Ancestrale 1er Cru Grande Champagne
Country: France
Region: Appellation Cognac, Grande Champagne, Domain Logis d'Angeac.
Producer: Pierre Ferrand
Age: 70 Years (Tasting age)
Alcohol: 40%
Colour: Mahogany
Flavour: Delightful bouquet.
Taste: Astonishingly full-bodied. The gentle flavours of walnut, plums, leather, tobacco and candied fruits reveal themselves at the palate and are released bit by bit. Elegant rancio-note, mellow and balanced.
Finish: The long, patient maturity period awards an unusual length at the palate.
Special: Of course only in strictly limited quantity.
Drink recommendation: One should enjoy it very deliberately.

A cognac only very seldom improves further until this venerable age. He is one of these rare cognacs. The unique refinement and complexity is comparable with large years of old wines. 

Today, Cognac Ferrand is one of the very few cognac houses, which specializes in old cognacs from Grande champagne.

The grapes are vinified into a light, fruity and acidic wine at Ferrand. This wine, which remains unfiltered after fermentation in order to impart as much fruitiness as possible, is distilled on the lees - an old, uncommon method in Cognac today.

This process gives the cognac the subtle aromas of fruits and flowers that can be found in great wines but rarely in a cognac.

Further details
Country of origin: France
Address: Postfach 2164, 58591 Iserlohn Deutschland