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Partisan Vodka Sto Gramm out of Belarus / Weissrussland 40% 0,1 Liter

A vodka with the stamp of quality "lux" quality, the highest of three worldwide recognized quality classes.
0,1 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Partisan Vodka Sto Gramm
Country: Belarus
Classification: Premium Vodka, "Lux" quality
Producer: Belarus
Bottler: Belarus
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: Particularly pure and mellow.
Special: Before the filling the vodka is stored for some days. So the individual components can form a perfect connection and develop fully. A guarantee for the characteristic taste.
Drink recommendation: Enjoy purely.

Produced in a small Belorussian distillery by using exquisite corn and well water of one's own which is used also to the mineral water's production, as well as a distillation process coordinated exactly and multiple filtration. All this ensures the highest possible quality of this vodka.

Further details
Country of origin: Belarus
Company: Partisan Vertriebs GmbH
Address: Lutherstrasse 5, D - 99084 Erfurt