Padro & Co. Vermouth Rojo Amargo

Particularly complex vermouth by a special manufacturing method.- For enthusiasts and experts.
0,75 liter - 18% ABV
Contains sulphites
currently not available
Article: Padro & Co. Vermouth Rojo Amargo
Country: Spain
Region: Catalonia
Producer: Padró & Co.
Alcohol: 18%
Characteristics: The base wine for the Rojo Amargo at first is infused with only 2 mountains herbs and is stored in wooden barrels for 2 years. A second herb extract which supplements the marvellously floral notes with intensity and bitter substances is then added. At the end the traditional Catalan sweet wine Mistela is added to the vermouth to embed the bitter substances in a fine sweetness.
Taste: Extremely complex with fine notes of cloves, dried fruits and apricots. Full-bodied, fresh and with beautiful smooth texture.
Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Vermouth Padró & Co.
Address: Avda. Catalunya, 46 43812 Bràfim (Tarragona) Spain