Ouzo Tsantali

Special quality by extremely high anise amount.
0,7 liter - 38% ABV
currently not available
Article: Ouzo Tsantali
Country: Greece
Producer: E. Tsantalis AG.
Alcohol: 38%
Taste: The use of exclusively natural anise, fennel and the careful choice of other valuable herbs (pinks, cinnamon and coriander) as well as the effortful and gentle 2-fold distillation method gives Tsantali ouzo the unique and typical taste. Refinement and elegance honour this quality.
Drink recommendation: Pure, with ice or as a long drink with a shot of a chilled water.

The proportion of valuable anise in Tsantali Ouzo is extremely high. The Anethole won from the anise seed by extraction form firm white crystallines at ice cooling. So the arising typical dulling is a sign for the particularly high quality.

Further details
Country of origin: Greece
Company: Evangelos Tsantalis AG
Address: 63080 Agios Pavlos, Chalkidiki, Griechenland (Halkidiki, Greece)