Noval Vintage Port Quinta do Noval 2015

A powerful port with great aromatic intensity and wonderful length.
Year 2015 - 0,75 liter - 19.5% ABV
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Contains sulphites
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Article: Noval Vintage Port Quinta do Noval  2015
Country: Portugal
Region: Douro
Producer: Quinta do Noval
Vintage: 2015
Grape variety: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinto Cão, Sousão
Alcohol: 19.5%
Characteristics: Deep colour and great aromatic intensity and purity of fruit. The wine is powerful deep and long and should develop into a classic Quinta do Noval Vintage Port.
Flavour: The nose has wild spicy black pepper notes.
Taste: Great freshness and balance on the palate. There is an underlying strong tannic backbone.
Finish: Wonderful length.
Drinking temperature: 15 - 17 °C
Drink recommendation: Serve with a dessert, dark chocolate, cheese or on its own at the end of a meal.

Decanting is recommended.
Awards: Wine Spectator - 95 points

Vinification: Grapes are trodden by foot to obtain the must, then during fermentation macerated to obtain the best possible extraction in the lagares, the traditional stone vats from the Quinta.

Maturing: It is matured for 18 months in wooden casks in the airconditioned cellars of the Quinta, at the demarcated region of the Douro Valley before bottling.

Vintage 2015
The winter was cold and dry. Spring very hot, with five heat waves and heavy rainfall that replenished the water levels in the soil, allowing a good development of the vines and grapes. The summer was very hot and dry. The vines responded well to this hot and dry period thanks to the reserves of water in the soil, and at the end of an August that was cooler than average, the harvest presented itself beautifully. The harvest started on the 2nd of September with the ripest parcels, in glorious hot and sunny weather. However, a set of rains fell on the 13th to the 16th of September. 30% of the harvest had been brought in before these rains. With a favourable longer term weather forecast they stopped the harvest for a week, and then restarted on 24th of September with excellent weather and grapes in very healthy condition, improving every day, which allowed them to harvest their best plots at the right time. In this period, some exceptional ports were made.
The red Ports were very promising from the moment grapes were crushed in the lagares, showing deep colour. The resulting Vintage Port, a strict selection of the very best wines of the year, representing just 9% of the harvest of Quinta do Noval.

Quinta do Noval Vintage Port is characterised by its purity of fruit and a fine, delicate quality that is typical of the wines of the property in general, but which finds its most remarkable and enduring expression in the Vintage Ports.
Equilibrium, harmony, finesse and elegance characterise Noval's great Vintage Ports, which are declared only when they are certain that the year has produced a blend, however small, that is worthy of bearing the name of Quinta do Noval Vintage Port. Noval follows its own path in its approach to Vintage Port. If they believe that they have wines of the quality and personality to join the ranks of the Quinta do Noval Vintage Ports of previous years, they will bottle it and declare it, even if this means declaring several years in a row, and even if it means, as is often the case, bottling only a few hundred cases of Quinta do Noval Vintage Port, representing a tiny percentage of the total production of the Quinta.

Estate: Quinta do Noval lies in the Douro valley in Northern Portugal where great Port has been produced since 1715. Noval is unique among the great traditional Port houses in its emphasis on the importance of the vineyard. It is significant that the company is named after its vineyard, that it is entirely based in the Douro valley, that its principal Vintage Ports, Quinta do Noval Nacional and Quinta do Noval are both single vineyard wines. The target is to produce great classic Vintage Ports which are harmonious and elegant expressions of the terroir of Quinta do Noval. At Noval the vineyard is at the heart of everything they do. 

Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: Portugal
Company: Quinta do Noval Vinhos S.A.
Address: Av. Diogo Leite, 256, 4400 - 111 Vila Nova De Gaja Portugal