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Nonino Grappa Riserva 24 Years

Limited Edition. Rare, intensive and valuable - simply fascinating.
Age 24 J. - 0,7 liter - 43% ABV
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Article: Nonino Grappa Riserva 24 Years
Country: Italy
Region: Friuli
Classification: Marc
Producer: Nonino Distillatori S.p.a.
Age: 24 Years
Distilled: Fass Nr. 354 - 02.01.1994; Fass Nr. 364 - 24.05.1994
Bottled: 28.06.2018
Barrel: Sherry oak barrels no. 354 and 364
Alcohol: 43%
Characteristics: A mature Grappa-Blend with a 24 years maturation. Stored to 100% in sherry casks under seal and permanent supervision by the custom and monopoly authority.
Colour: Golden orange
Flavour: Full and intensively with notes of cream, honey, exotic fruits with approvals of orange and chocolate. With fascinating fine smoke notes and the smell of woods oafter a shower of rain.
Taste: Full-bodied and lasting. The flavour notes are confirmed by apricot, cream, exotic fruits and spices at the palate together with fruity approvals. With fascinating fine smoke note and approvals of sherry.
Special: Bottle made of glass with a diamond cutting manufactured by hand, by hand painted with 24 carats of gold. Little silver chain.
Drinking temperature: Room temperature 20°C
Drink recommendation: Serve in a balloon glass. Before consumption the marc should rest for some minutes in the glass.Perfect with tasty cheese, goose liver, cake as well as cream and chocolate pastries or also to a good cigar.
Number of bottles: 1.135

The family Nonino devotes itself to the production of the finest marc already since 1897.
The native country connected family almost exclusively uses Marc of original types of vine which were partly already threatened of dying out. Their untiring effort for the preservation of these local kinds is unique in Italy. An untiring effort for the preservation of these local kinds is unique Italy Noninos. With the idea of a grape distillate the little distillery has filled the experts with enthusiasm once more and has become an example for many other distilleries.

Further details
Country of origin: Italy
Company: Nonino Distillatori S.p.A.
Address: Via Ayuileia, 104; 33050 Pavia di Udine (UD)