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Nine Leaves Angel's Half American Oak 2 Years

A strong appearance dispite its youthfulness.
Age 2 J. - 0,7 liter - 50% ABV
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Article: Nine Leaves Angel's Half American Oak 2 Years
Country: Japan
Distillery: Nine Leaves Distillery Takehiro Ltd.
Age: 2 Years
Barrel: New American white oak
Alcohol: 50%
Flavour: The wood influence cannot be denied in the nose, a fresh note and the flavour characteristic of the Nine Leaves arrives.
Taste: At the palate a surprisingly nice sweetness which ties the alcoholic content well. Body rich flavours with fruity notes (apple/pear), to this notes of vanilla (wood), a breath nut and a soft sweetness.

Nine Leaves is a manual distillery  which was founded by Yoshiharu Takeuchi in Otsu in the Shiga prefecture, Japan, in 2013. With a high demand to quality Takeuchi has built up its micro distillery. It uses a Muscovado sugar which has a great importance in Japan and is made exclusively from Japanese sugar cane. After a double distillation a very pure, clear rum which presents itself with a very fruity bouquet at the nose arises. Yoshiharu Takeuchi is guarantor for rum in the highest quality and stand-alone taste profile.       

Further details
Country of origin: Japan
Company: Nine Leaves Distillery Takehiro Ltd.
Address: Otsu, Shiga Präfektur, Japan
Distributor: Spirit of Rum Event GmbH
Address: Jenaer Str. 16, 10717 Berlin