Nega Fulo Cachaca

Nêga Fulô Cachaça is appreciated worldwide for its fine, elegant sugar cane note and the unusual taste fullness.
0,7 liter - 41.5% ABV
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Article: Nêga Fulô Cachaça
Country: Brazil
Region: Staate Rio
Category: Brazilian spirit drink from sugar cane juice
Classification: Premium-Cachaça
Producer: Destillerie Fazenda Soledade, gr. in 1827
Alcohol: 41.5%
Flavour: Fine smell fullness
Taste: Fine, elegant sugar cane note. Ripe and rounded. Of the highest purity and unusual tasty fullness.
Drink recommendation: You use it mainly for the "Caipirinha": Fresh limes get split in four pieces. About this you give a little bit brown sugar (or Calimba sugar from Brazil). This is mashed with a pestle now and the glass is filled out with crushed ice. Now, you give approx. 4 cl Cachaca Nega Fulo into the glass, and the Caipirinha is finished. Also pure a real pleasure.
Further details
Country of origin: Brazil
Company: Fazenda Soledade Ltda.
Address: Cx Postal: 97084 28.601-970 - Nova Friburgo Rio de Janeiro State Brazil
Distributor: Borco-Marken-Import
Address: Winsbergring 12-22, D-22525 Hamburg