Mozart White Chocolate 1,0 Liter

A wonderfully soft creamy and easy taste experience.
1 liter - 15% ABV
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Article: Mozart White Chocolate
Country: Austria
Region: Salzburg
Classification: Chocolate liqueur
Producer: Mozart Distillerie GmbH
Alcohol: 15%
Characteristics: From soft melting white chocolate, fresh cream, valuable cocoa distillate and real bourbon vanilla. Easy and elegant, with feminine character.
Drinking temperature: Slightly chilled
Drink recommendation: With fresh fruits of the season. For mixing.

The Mozart Distillerie already produces typically Austrian spirits since 1954. Within the last 30 years one has, however, specialized in the development and production of chocolates spirits. The know-how purchased for this is unique in the world.

A special Cuvée produced from the cocoa types Forastero and Trinitario is mixed intensively with a highly concentrated fine distillate. After a storage time and the completely sedimentation of the cocoa, the cleared and freed from dulling substances so-called macerate can be skimmed off. It partly is processed directly in the finished products and still is distilled partly before the further processing. This cocoa distillate arising from this forms the basis for all Mozart chocolate spirits.


List of ingredients: Cocoa butter, water, alcohol, sugar, bourbon vanilla macerate, vanilla flavour, cooky flavour (artificial)
Allergens: Milk and milk products (including lactose).
Further details
Country of origin: Austria
Company: Mozart Distillerie GmbH
Address: Ziegeleistraße 29a-33, 5020 Salzburg, Austria