Mossburn Signature Cask No.1 - Island Smoke & Spice

0,7 liter - 46% ABV
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Article: Mossburn Signature Cask No. 1 - Island Smoke & Spice
Country: Scotland
Whisk(e)y type: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Bottler: Mossburn Distillers & Blenders
Alcohol: 46%
Flavour: It without doubt is the typical smokiness and seasoning of the island whiskies, noticeably  immediately in the nose, less the medical tone of the coast but an elegant note of cloves and a spice potpourri.
Taste: The oak influence is marked more strongly in the taste. After the first impression one feels easy tannins and a seasoning, followed by peppery notes, heather and dried fruits.
Finish: Long lasting with a fiery kick in the finish.
Special: Non chill-filtered, natural colour.

The Signature Cask series, matured in the unique Mossburn Cask Bill Method and the Vintage Cask series of Mossburn Distillers & Blenders. Handmade whiskies of the highest quality are produced at Mossburn, carefully selected from the own collection of mature barrels of all sorts of renowned Scottish distilleries. Filled without chill-filtration and colouring, partial even in barrel strength.

The Signature Cask series reconciles the typical qualities of regional Scottish malt whiskies with the features of the respective places of origin. The blended malts get their maturity by three different wood influences. For the production refill bourbon barrels of mature whiskies of differrent Scottish distilleries are selected and blended carefully. This then matures in the Signature Casks made especially for Mossburn. The staves from 1 st-Fill bourbon barrels and cask heads made of toasted European oak give this whisky the special expression and put out the characteristic qualities stronger. 

Further details
Country of origin: Scotland
Company: Mossburn Distillers Ltd
Address: Mossburn House, Camptown, Jedburgh Roxburghshire TD8 6PJ Scotland