Fruit brandy

Morand Abricot Coeur 0,5 Liter

A new dimension of the Eau-de-Vie - extremely fruity!
0,5 liter - 41.0% ABV
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Article: Morand Abricot Coeur
Country: Switzerland
Region: Martigny
Producer: Louis Morand & Cie SA
Fruit variety: Valais apricots AOP
Alcohol: 41.0%
Characteristics: Extremely fruity. Supple, intensive and lasting flavour in the nose and at the palate.

20 kg of fruits are needed for one litre Morand Abricot Coeur.

The label of the painter Olivier Saudan represents content and purity of the Eau-de-Vie.

Further details
Country of origin: Suisse
Company: Distillerie Louis Morand & Cie SA
Address: Place de Plaisance 2, 1920 Martigny, Schweiz
Distributor: Culinaria Delikatessen Service AG
Address: Zeißstraße 7, D-50171 Kerpen