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Monte Fraile Pisco Especial

0,7 liter - 37.5% ABV
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Article: Monte Fraile Pisco Especial
Country: Chile
Region: Valle del Elqui
Category: Premium Pisco
Classification: D.O. Coquimbo
Producer: Cooperativa Capel
Barrel: Stored for one year in French oak barrels
Grape variety: Muscat from Austria
Alcohol: 37.5%
Characteristics: Distilled 2-foldly.
Colour: Amber
Flavour: Medium intensity, muscat of Austria character.
Taste: In the mouth, smooth, sweet, complex, with fruity notes and a fine wooded taste proper to american oak.
Drinking temperature: 10 - 16°C
Drink recommendation: Pure or mixed with cola drinks.
Further details
Country of origin: Chile
Company: Cooperativa Capel
Address: Vicuña, Coquimbo Region
Distributor: Chile Wein Import GmbH
Address: Bergheimer Str. 1c, D-53909 Zülpich