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Monin Sirup Raspberry 0,25 Liter

0,25 liter
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Article: Monin Sirup Himbeere (Raspberry)
Country: France
Region: Bourges
Producer: Monin Company
Characteristics: Fresh, ripe raspberry flavour with slightly acidic, taste of raspberry candy.
Colour: Raspberry red

CARLITO (without alcohol): 6cl mineral water, 6cl Tonic Water, 4cl Monin Lime Juice Cordial Mixers, 2cl Monin syrup lime and 2cl Monin syrup raspberry. Mix the ingredients in a blender and serve in a Hurricane glass, which is filled with crushed ice. Deco: fresh fruits.


List of ingredients: Sugar, water, concentrated raspberry and fruit juice, flavour. Fruit juice content: At least 25%, of this 20% raspberry juice.
Nutritional information (per 100 ml)
Calorific value: 1451 kJ / 347 kcal
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 85.6 g
   Sugar: 85.6 g
Protein: 0 g
Salt 0.01 g
Nutrition notes
Type of nutrition: Vegetarian, Vegan.
Nutritional properties: Glutenfree.
Further details
Country of origin: France
Company: Georges Monin SAS
Address: 3 rue Georges MONIN - BP25 - 18001 Bourges Cedex
Best before date: On the label.