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Milenario Solera Reserva Brandy

0,7 liter - 36% ABV
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Article: Milenario Solera Reserva Brandy de Jerez
Country: Spain
Classification: Solera Reserva
Producer: Luis Caballero
Barrel: Ex-Sherry casks
Alcohol: 36%
Characteristics: Full of character, rich aroma.
Colour: Amber
Drinking temperature: Room temperature.
Drink recommendation: Pure, with ice, for cocktails, and long drinks.

The Milenario brandy is a brandy of the important wine-growing estate Caballero. Milenario is a Reserve Brandy from the area Jerez Solera. He owes his name to a very old "hang-glider tree", which stands for more than one thousand years next to the wine-growing estate of the "Caballero" San Francisco in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Distilled from the best quality wines, then aged for many years in oak barrels which have previously contained and aged Sherry wines, maturing and developing wonderful aromas.

Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Luis Caballero
Address: C/ San Francisco 32, 11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria - Spain