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Marzadro Affina 3 x 1,0 Liter Riserva Acacia, Riserva Rovere, Riserva Ciliego

Matured in noble wood barrels.
3 liter - 43.3% ABV
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Article: Marzadro Affina 3 x 1,0 Litre Riserva Acacia, Riserva Rovere, Riserva Ciliego
Country: Italy
Region: Northern Italy, Trentino
Producer: Distilleria Marzadro
Alcohol: 43.3%

Riserva Acacia:

Matured for 8 years in small barrels from acacia wood. In the nose suffices flavours, gentle taste, complex and very especially.

Riserva Rovere:

Matured for 8 years in small barrels made of oak. Extensive bouquet and full in the taste. Good structure, round and mature.

Riserva Ciliegio:

Matured for 8 years in small barrels from cherry wood. Both in the nose and at the palate elegant, round and exquisite, complex structure. Very soft.


The roots of Distilleria Marzadro date back as far as 1949 in Brancolino di Nogaredo, in the heart of Vallagarina, in Trentino. It is a suggestive land, furrowed with vineyards carefully “cultivated” throughout the generations, that climb up towards the peeks of the mountains, starting at the bottom of the valley dotted by fruit trees. A pioneer start, characterized by tenacity, self-will and many promises, kept throughout the years. Attilio Marzadro is the protagonist of this story, together with his sister Sabina. He understood how to cultivate his land to its best in order to obtain, from his vineyards, the pomace more suitable for the distillation of Grappas, becoming the “proprietor” of this centurial art. Attilio Marzadro grew up in the mountains, and wanted to pass on to his children this precious inheritance made up not only of intuition, enthusiasm and passion but also of wisdom, experience and a deep love for the land and its culture.

The Marzadro family, now extended to three generations, kept its traditional inheritance intact with great commitment and professionalism, while seeking constant innovation. Behind this romantic aspect of recuperating and maintaining old traditions, Marzadro is in fact a dynamic company, continually up to date and evolving in order to exploit its potentials to a maximum as concerns preservation of the environment, while absolutely respecting the quality of the raw materials and processing systems.

Awards and Recognitions

The awards and recognitions received throughout the years by Marzadro Distillery are many and prestigious.  They confirm the quality and genuineness of Marzadro Grappas which have become popular all over the world.  

Further details
Country of origin: Italy
Company: Distilleria Marzadro
Address: Via Per Brancolino, 10 - 38060 Nogaredo (Trento) - Italia