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Marlin Spike Blended Aged Rum

0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Marlin Spike Blended Aged Rum
Region: Caribbean
Rum type: Blende aged rum
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: A blend out of different barrel matured rums from Trinidad & Tobago. Aged Barbados rum deduces to refine the elegance of the taste further. He gets depth in taste of a pot stilled rum from Jamaica. Its magical and unique freshness was given to it by a fourth rum from South America. Marlin Spike stands out due to unique taste and an unbelievable variety of possible applications.
Taste: Strong fruit essences but not sweetish in the taste: Banana, green apple and unusual tropical fruits like passion fruit dominate. Powerful notes of cloves as well as vanilla and almond flavours. A floral breath of rose and honey and a slight elegant smoke note.
Special: The Ocean & MarlinSpike
MarlinSpike cares for our Oceans. Not just through the heritage of rum but also through a strong belief by the founders that our Oceans are an important asset of our planet.
The founders of MarlinSpike decided to help restore the beauty and health of our Oceans for many generations to come, by supporting pro-actively the preservation of our blue planet.
For that reason, our company by-laws state that a fixed portion of their yearly profit is to be donated to a global
non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining our Oceans. By adopting MarlinSpike you will support a movement for positive change too.
Drink recommendation: Neat over ice, for cocktails and perfect for long drinks. Both with tonic or also excellently with ginger ale, Darjeeling, hibiscus and Earl Grey-Tee, Colombian coffee, chocolate and many further surprising ingredients.
Awards: Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Cmpetition 2018
Silver - World Spirits Award 2018
Gold - The Spirits Business/The Rum and Cachaca Masters 2018

Recipe suggestions: 

Black Coast Marlin-Tonic
50 ml MarlinSpike
200 ml Tonic Water
2 or 3 drops of Orange Bitter
Lime zest
Cinnamon stick
Ice cubes

Zest a lime over the glass and add the zest to the glass. Add MarlinSpike. Fill a glass with ice cubes. Use your bar spoon to pour the tonic-water into the glass and give a short stir. Add 2 or 3 dashes of Orange bitters and garnish with a cinnamon stick to finish.

Orange Kick

50 ml MarlinSpike
30 ml Colombian Coffee
10 ml Vanilla Syrup
1 dash of Orange Bitters
Grated Orange Peel
Couple of Coffee Beans
Ice cubes

Add 4 or 5 large ice cubes to your glass and give it a bit of time to chill. Add all ingredients (except the coffee beans) to your shaker with ice. Shake well. Remove the ice from your coupe and fine strain into your chilled coupe. Garnish with a couple of coffee beans.

Further details
Country of origin: Caribbean/ Belgium
Company: MSB-Spirits cvba
Address: Avenue J. Bordet 160, 1140 Brussels, Belgium