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Magellan Blue Gin 44%

Iris root and flower bestow it with the nice spirit of the blue sky and deep blue sea
0,7 liter - 44.0% ABV
With colouring
currently not available
Article: Magellan Blue Gin
Country: France
Producer: Angeac Distillery
Alcohol: 44.0%
Characteristics: Inspired by the spices Magellan discovered during his revolutionary expedition, Magellan is distilled four times in small batches using fresh, exotic botanicals from around the Globe. The used 11 botanicals are: cloves, iris root and flower, juniper berries, cinnamon, cassia, orange peel, coriander, licorice, grains of paradise, cardamom and nutmeg. This Fresh Distillation process bestows Magellan with an incomparable crisp, balanced flavour and fresh mellow taste.
Drink recommendation: On the rocks or in classic gin drinks.
Further details
Country of origin: France
Company: C.Ferrand
Address: 16130 ARS France