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Mackmyra Svens Ek

The new generation of Swedish single malt whisky.
0,7 liter - 46.1% ABV
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Article: Mackmyra Svens Ek
Country: Sweden
Whisk(e)y type: Swedish Single Malt Whisky
Distillery: Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB
Bottler: Original
Barrel: 30 l Ex-Bourbon, Sherry, Swedish oak
Alcohol: 46.1%
Flavour: Fruity with citrus, pear, apple, honey and slight sweet oak notes, bread roasted easily, and with a breath of toffee.
Taste: Fruity and smooth with citrus fruits, caramel and honey. Oak notes can be recognized at the end.
Finish: Round aftertaste with a breath of dark chocolate.

The base is the Mackmyra elegant formula, matured in 1 st-fill bourbon barrels and stored in the Bodas Mine, 50 metres deep under the earth. Mackmyra Whisky - Svensk Ek, the new generation of Swedish single malt whisky, produced in own hand work with local ingredients and without additives. 

Further details
Country of origin: Sweden
Company: Mackmyra Whisky
Address: Kolonnvägen 2, 802 67 Gävle, Sweden
Distributor: Mackmyra Svedish Whisky GmbH
Address: Auf dem Gut 2 + 4b, 21493 Basthorst, Germany