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Lunatic! Gin

Lunatic! - a thrilling new western distillate.
0,5 liter - 47% ABV
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Article: Lunatic! Gin
Country: Germany
Alcohol: 47%
Characteristics: Produced among other of tasty mountain pepper and kencur, the warm flavours of a Roman camomile, Brazilian tonka bean and local blackberry leaves from Heppenheim. By these special ingredients the gin gets a remarkable taste. As a further ingredient the Macedonian juniper berries have to be pointed. These appear only discreetly here and are accompanied of flowery fruity nuances which one has never experienced in this form in a gin before.
Drink recommendation: Not only pure or in the gin & tonic but also in creative cocktails an experience in taste.

Lunatic! is a quite special gin with a mystical touch. It is distilled only at full moon, then stored in clay jugs and filled at new moon in the end. This makes every rank a rarity. After the distillation process coordinated with the phases of the moon it is filtered over moonstone and loaded by it positively. The moon has inspired also in the choice of the botanicals. So the number of ingredients, altogether 26 pieces, corresponds exactly to the number of half phases of the moon within a year.       

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Halber Mond GmbH
Address: Ludwigstraße 5, D-64646 Heppenheim