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Luis Felipe Cien Anos Brandy Gran Reserva Bodegas Rubio

Rich in character and personality, only the purest essence.
Age ca 100 J. - 0,55 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Luis Felipe Cien Años Brandy Gran Reserva Bodegas Rubio
Country: Spain
Region: Andalusia
Classification: Gran Reserva
Producer: Bodegas Rubio
Age: Approx. 100 Years
Alcohol: 40%
Colour: Very dense and intense dark colour.
Flavour: Very aromatic, delicately and lasting, fine roasting notes. A bouquet with character rich in contrast and personality.
Taste: Elegant, gentle and supple. Wonderfully round, balanced and velvety.
Finish: Intensive and complex aftertaste.
Special: Only 60 bottles per annum are filled.

The noble glass bottle with a portrait of King Luis Felipe I crafted by hand by a goldsmith lies in a lacquered wood casket together with a glass.  


Further details
Country of origin: Spain
Company: Bodegas Rubio
Address: Calle de los Palos de la Frontera, 14 21700 La Palma del Condado, Huelva, Espana