Loch Lomond Signature Blended Whisky

0,7 liter - 40% ABV
With colouring
currently not available
Article: Loch Lomond Signature Blended Whisky
Country: Scotland
Region: Alexandria
Whisk(e)y type: Blended Scotch Whisky
Distillery: Loch Lomond Distillery
Barrel: Matured in oak barrels
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: Married after a long and slow maturation and conditioned in a 100 barrel cask solera that combines Oloroso sherry casks and american oak casks that have been recharred to get the intensity and smoothness unique to Loch Lomond.
Flavour: Very aromatic. Mature sultanas with fine sherry notes which do not dominate, however, they are clearly recognizable. As soon as the vague fruit notes fall off, the whisky develops a slight, smoky note at the nose.
Taste: A surprisingly malty taste of ripe pears with cinnamon, ginger and dark sugar. Slight flavours of dried fruits round off the different taste nuances. The malt notes are soft and long lasting.
Finish: The finish is determined by dried fruits and black currants. Sweet notes of lemon tarte round off the finish elegantly.
Drink recommendation: Straight, over ice or with a splash of water.

Further details
Country of origin: Scotland
Company: Loch Lomond Group
Address: Lomond Estate Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire G83 0TL Scotland