Little Crab Rheingau Riesling Wermut

An unusual apéritif.
0,5 liter - 17% ABV
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Article: Little Crab Rheingau Riesling Wermut
Country: Germany
Alcohol: 17%
Characteristics: This unusual creation is based on a hand read Rheingau Riesling from the steep layer and aromatized with regional botanicals from the native country of the distiller like camomile and wormwood as well as Sicilian oranges. The hand-graded herbs are added on the wine directly and give in their flavours in a process lasting for several weeks in the high-grade steel tank. The ingredients are removed at the end of this process. The vermouth reaches the completion by the bonus of select, handmade distillates and with a discreet sweetening.
Colour: Pale rosé
Flavour: Warm and radiantly clear. A smell which reminds of tepid summer's evenings.
Taste: The vermouth tastes fresh and warm, has a clear Riesling character and is impressive because of the balanced interplay of winy minerality, fine bitterness and aromatic herb notes.
Special: Unfiltered, since the wine always loses flavour and complexity at a filtration.

The bottling in small batches, locking and labelling: Work done by hand. Every bottle is a unicum, marked with batch and lot by hand.
Drink recommendation: Pure, on the rocks or as classic cocktail.

Recipe suggestion:

Summer edition

5 cl Little Crab Wermut per glass
Ice cubes
Tonic water (e.g. Thomas Henry, Schweppes dry or Fevertree), soda water
 4-5 ripe raspberries & 4-5 smell rose petals
 approx. ½ teaspoon of fine cut dried tomato & 1 broad orange zest
 1 spreads orange zest
 1 small rosemary branch, easily crushed
Give vermouth over ice cubes into a wine-glass. Insert taste giving ingredients, fill up with tonic water and if necessary soda water, stir carefully, serve with a paper drinking straw & enjoy. Tastes also good with champagne instead of tonic/soda. 

Little Crab meets Träuble

5 cl Little Crab Wermut pro Glas
1-2 teesp. Schwarze Träuble Likör (alternative: Crème de Cassis)
sparkling wine 
1 broad orange zest
Give vermouth and Träublelikör into a wine-glass and stir cautiously. Fill up with cold sparkling wine and garnish with an orange zest.

Little Crab Winter Edition

5 cl Little Crab Wermut per glass
 1 bio kumquat, cut up into fine slices
 2 Cranberries, quartered
 1 teaspoon of pomegranate cores
 1 teaspoon passion fruit marks
 ¼ dried apricot cut in fine stripes & ½ star anise
 1 Lychee, pitted and diced
Tonic water, soda water or sparkling wine
Give vermouth over ice cubes into a wine-glass. Insert taste giving ingredients. Fill up with tonic & soda water or sparkling wine. Stir carefully and serve.

The classic: Little Crab Reverse Dry Martini

5 cl Little Crab Wermut
1 cl Little Crab Gin
Ice cubes
1 green olive or 1 citrus zest
Stir on ice, give into a cocktail glass, garnish.
Also: As dirty Martini mixed with some olive water.

Allergens: Sulphites
Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Christin Jordan und Lars Erdmann GbR
Address: Hauptstraße 4, 65344 Eltville