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Legui Licor Argentina

Liqueur speciality from Argentina.
0,7 liter - 29.9% ABV
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With colouring
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Article: Legui Licor Argentina
Country: Argentina
Alcohol: 29.9%
Characteristics: Aromatic, tasty, fruity.
Drink recommendation: Pure, on the rocks.

List of ingredients: Sucrose solution, ethyl alcohol, infusion of (aromatic) herbs, water, food colouring: caramel (E150), acidity regulator: citric acid (E330).
E numbers: E150, E330.
Further details
Country of origin: Argentina
Company: Campari Argentina S.A. / Diageo Argentina S.A.
Address: Ruta Pcial 39, Km 10.200 - Capilla del Senor, Buenos Aires
Distributor: Chile Wein Import
Address: Bergheimer Str. 1c, 53909 Zülpich