Fruit brandy

Lantenhammer Williamsbrand im Slyrsfass aged

An unusual taste experience. Full-bodied noble brandy with a reverberation of the fine SLYRS note.
0,5 liter - 42% ABV
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Article: Lantenhammer Williamsbrand im Slyrsfass gereift
Country: Germany
Region: Schliersee
Producer: Lantenhammer Destillerie GmbH
Fruit variety: Williams pear
Alcohol: 42%
Characteristics: Fruity fine, with slightly sweet aftertaste and a beautiful reverberation of wood flavours and whisky tones of vanilla and caramel.
Special: After the slow and flavour-protecting distillation of the Williams pear brandy it is stored - depending on year and kind-  in earthenware containers approx. 2 years. The brandies are then stored for several months in the rare SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whisky barrels to get the special finishing.

The williams pears grow in the area of South Tyrol, Bozen basin, as well as in altitudes of Vinschgau at Schlanders. The second important area is Franconia in the area at Volkach. The stocks comes predominantly from older trees, are reaped by hand. The different climatic zones and terror give the brandy an interesting and intensive structure.

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Destillerie Lantenhammer GmbH
Address: Josef-Lantenhammer-Platz 1, 83734 Hausham/Schliersee