Lantenhammer Schoko Liqueur

0,5 liter - 17% ABV
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Article: Lantenhammer Schoko Liqueur
Country: Germany
Region: Schliersee
Producer: Lantenhammer Destillerie GmbH
Alcohol: 17%
Characteristics: A full-bodied and elegant liqueur composition from a noble Belgian milk chocolate, the finest cream and fresh spring water.
Flavour: Flavours after caramel, cocoa, a breath of nougat enclosed of a creamy bouquet in the nose.
Taste: Creamy and silky at the palate. Multilayered. Full, chocolaty creamy character with discreet approvals from toffee beans which wonderfully harmonize with the alcohol.
Finish: The finish is gently nutty.
Allergens: Cream and lactoprotein
Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Destillerie Lantenhammer GmbH
Address: Josef-Lantenhammer-Platz 1, 83734 Hausham/Schliersee
Storage note: Store open bottle for up to six months, keep cool.