Lantenhammer Hazlenut Spirituose

Noble distillate from fine aromatic hazelnuts.
0,5 liter - 42% ABV
currently not available
Article: Lantenhammer Haselnussgeist
Country: Germany
Region: Schliersee
Producer: Lantenhammer Destillerie GmbH
Fruit variety: Hazelnut (lat. Corylus avellana)
Alcohol: 42%
Flavour: Wonderful fine and multilayered flavour of hazelnuts.
Taste: Mouthfilling with clear aftertaste of aromatic nuts.
Drinking temperature: 14 - 18 °C
Drink recommendation: Ideal to the dessert or as a digestif to firm dishes.

The Kerassunder hazelnuts collected by hand are from north-east Turkey at the Black Sea. These fine aromatic hazelnuts are freed from their hard shell in old stone mills, sorted, packed and delivered to the distillery. There they are grated gently with the flavour load bearing skin, roasted after a special formula and set with the help of 96 per cent neutral alcohol. This way the intensive flavours are bound in a 20-day setting time.

After the maceration it is slowly and gently distilled by master hand in handworked and small copper stills. Only the high quality middle run with approx. 70% vol. which contains particularly many flavours reaches storage.

The heart matures for 12 months in rare breathable earthenware barrels to develop the perfect nut flavour.

With freshly lively spring water of the "Bannholzquelle" the aromatic distillate is put back on drinking strength of 42% and filtered.  

Further details
Country of origin: Germany
Company: Destillerie Lantenhammer GmbH
Address: Josef-Lantenhammer-Platz 1, 83734 Hausham/Schliersee