Liqueur / / Rum

La Negra Tomasa Guayabita

Guava liqueur on rum basis.
0,7 liter - 30% ABV
currently not available
Article: La Negra Tomasa Guayabita
Country: Dominican Republic
Producer: Oliver & Oliver
Alcohol: 30%
Taste: Flavours of fruits, almonds and chocolate. Sweetish and lasting at the palate.

La Negra Tomasa is the name of a famous Cuban song and Guayabita is a liqueur from the guava plant Guayabita del Pinar and produced  in the region Pinar del Rio, in the western part of Cuba. Oliver & Oliver have not forgotten their Cuban family history and to combine history and presence with each other the ingredients for the La Negra Tomasa Guayabita are used from the Dominican Republic and prepared to Cuban tradition. The guava type flavour giving for this liqueur is from the Dominican Republic and is called Guavaberry. It has the same qualities as the akin Guayabita del Pinar.       

Further details
Country of origin: Dominican Republic
Company: Oliver & Oliver Internacional, Inc
Address: Parque Industrial Hato Nuevo. Km.22 Autopista Duarte Nave 4 y 5, CP. 10902,  Santo Domingo, Rep.Dominicana
Distributor: Sucos do Brasil Productos Latino GmbH
Address: Graf Landsberg Straße 9, D-41460 Neuss