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La Hechicera Solera 21 0,05 Liter

Age 12-21 J. - 0,05 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: La Hechicera Solera 21
Country: Colombia
Age: 12 - 21 Years
Description: Aged in American white oak in the solera method.
Alcohol: 40%
Flavour: A heady scent of prunes, espresso and cacao.
Taste: Bold burst of flavour on the palate with distinctive notes of vanilla, orange and cracked black pepper.
Finish: Long lasting and mellow.
Drink recommendation: Wonderfully pure, but also on ice and for mixing.
Further details
Country of origin: Colombia
Company: Casa Santana Ron y Licores S.A.S.
Address: Zona Franca, Bodega 8 Modulo 7, Barranquilla, Colombia
Distributor: Perola GmbH
Address: Ronhofer Hauptstraße 299, 90765 Fürth