L.N.Mattei Cap Corse Grande Reserve Quinquina Rouge

A red Quinquina of the extra class.
0,75 liter - 17% ABV
contains: Nüsse
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Contains sulphites
With colouring
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Article: L.N.Mattei Cap Corse Grande Reserve Quinquina Rouge
Country: Corsica/France
Region: Bastia
Producer: L.N. Mattei
Alcohol: 17%
Characteristics: This red fortified wine is stamped by floral notes, marked by a particularly voluminous macerate from fruits and herbs. An intensive but elegant apéritif. He gets its magenta colour like a red wine by the peels of red grapes and a small quantity of caramel.
Taste: At the beginning floral notes, followed by an aromatic and bitter taste with notes of cocoa and quinine.
Finish: Long lasting and spicy.
Drink recommendation: Perfect as refreshing Capo Spritz or as a Negroni variant, by the fact that it can fill out the role of Campari or red vermouth.

L.N. Mattei Cap Corse is a fortified wine on the basis of high quality Mistelle and select Peruvian bark. The spirits category of the Quinquina is most likely with vermouth - both in taste and in production. The greatest difference is indeed that the bitterness comes from the quinine instead of the wormwood cabbage.

The Quinquina of L.N. Mattei is world-famously for his uniquely bitter and simultaneously sweet taste which it purely achieves by the effortful manufacturing process and the sweetness of the grape juice, without addition of sugar.  It was named after a region in the north of Corsica which is known for the extension of particularly high-quality grapes. In its native country the "Cap Mattei" - like the natives call it - belongs to a good meal definitively. Louis Napoleon Mattei in person invented it more than hundred years ago in Corsica.

Even if Quinquina had a reputation as a rather old-fashioned cocktail ingredient till now and is primarily used in forgotten classics: His multilayered flavours make it a just as fantastic and versatile cocktail ingredient like the knowner vermouth. Now whether with soda on ice, as spritz variant or a Quinquina tonic or in a new exciting cocktail creation: L.N. Mattei Cap Corse awards the elegance to classics and the special something to modern drinks. Mix Martinis as you have never drunk it, Boulevardiers, remaining in your memory, and long drinks of which one will talk.  

Allergens: Suphites, nuts
Further details
Country of origin: Corsica/France
Company: SA La Distillerie / Cap Corse Mattei
Address: Siren 321 640 625 15 Boulevard Général De Gaulle, Korsika
Distributor: Perola GmbH
Address: Ronhofer Hauptstr. 299, 90765 Fürth