Kyrö Juuri New Make Rye

0,5 liter - 46.3% ABV
currently not available
Article: Kyrö Juuri New Make
Country: Finland
Region: Isokyrö, Ostrobothnia
Category: New Make Spirit
Producer: Kyrö Distillery Company
Alcohol: 46.3%
Characteristics: Produced from 100% pure Finnish malted rye.
Colour: Clear
Flavour: On the nose slight sweetness and easily piquant rye.
Taste: Clear sweetness in conjunction with rye notes. At first dry, then notes after liquorice and an easy breath anise as well as notes after rye bread.
Drink recommendation: Pure on the rocks or for mixing.
Further details
Country of origin: Finland
Company: Kyrö Distillery Company
Address: Rye Rye Oy Oltermannintie 6 FI-61500 Isokyrö, Finland