Koskenkorva Salmiakki Lakritzlikör out of Finnland PET Bottle

Finnish liquorice liqueur.
0,5 liter - 32% ABV
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With colouring
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Article: Salmiakki Lakritzlikör Koskenkorva PET bottle
Alcohol: 32%
Drinking temperature: Chilled.
Drink recommendation: Pure or "on the rocks".

The famous singer and tango dancer Jari Sillanpää mixed his Koskenkorva Vodka with salmiak pastilles in the late eighties when he still worked as a barman - so the rumours. Salmiakki was born. He still filles with enthusiasm to this day.

List of ingredients: Liquorice, colouring
Note: Liquorice: An excessive consumption of this product should be avoided at a high blood pressure.
Further details
Country of origin: Finland
Company: Altia Oyj
Address: Porkkalankatu 22 A P.O Box 350, 00101 Helsinki