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Kever Genever

Small batch genever with a distinctive taste profile.
0,5 liter - 38.7% ABV
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Article: Kever Genever
Country: The Netherlands
Region: Amsterdam
Producer: Kever Genever VOF
Alcohol: 38.7%
Characteristics: Malty, crispy bitterness of the gentiana root and tones of almond. This genever has a slight funky nose of elderflower, cinnamon and apple. Four times distilled and made in small Batches of a blend of aged distillates from a combination of fabaceae, gentiana root, rye, wheat; juniper; and other botanicals.
Colour: Gold-yellowish
Drink recommendation: Enjoy pure as well as in a mix or cocktail.
Awards: Silver - IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) 2016; Bronze - IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) 2016 - Quality Award - Packaging

Founded in 2015 by university friends, Kever Genever is distilled in small batches in Amsterdam.

One night, Leonard came home after Christmas and he had brought a bottle of Old Genever to his college town Lund in Sweden. Together with his friends Sebastian, Benedict and Ruben, the four immediately discovered it tastes fantastic, but could be way better. Delighted by the taste the three friends wondered why the Dutch national drink lost it‘s popularity. On that cold evening Kever Genever‚ was born.

This delight made the back then four students, dreaming of reinventing the spirits industry as craft brewers did recently. Remembering their grandfathers drinking Genever they believe that more people should enjoy the Dutch national drink nowadays. Their goal: making Genever a drink of their generation again by letting others experience how amazing Genever is. So they went looking for a distiller and found Arthur, who is one of the few Dutch distillers left distilling still the traditional way. Together with Arthur the four spent countless hours on developing a distinctive recipe to produce a delicious Old Genever.

They believe that more people should enjoy this Dutch national spirit and want to make Old Genever a drink of our generation again by letting you experience how amazing it can be.

The Genever is juicy and smooth as a baby's bottom. All component of Kever genever, the maltwine, the grain-alcohol and the tincture distillates are made by Kever. Something which nowadays is only done by a handful of distilleries in the Netherlands.

Further details
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Company: Kever Generver VOF
Address: 1057PZ, Amsterdam, NL