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Kalak Irish Peat Cask Single Malt Vodka

Another single malt Vodka from Ireland - stored in the oak barrel.
0,7 liter - 40% ABV
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Article: Kalak Irish Peat Cask Single Malt Vodka
Country: Ireland
Region: West Cork
Producer: Origin Spirits
Distillery: West Cork Distillerie
Alcohol: 40%
Characteristics: Produced from Irish malted barley , four times distilledl in the pot of still of West Cork Distillery. Stored in addition for 4 months in fresh, i.e. new oak barrels which were toasted heavily over an open peat fire.
Flavour: Aromas of honeycomb, toffee and vanilla are complemented with delicate earthy undertones.
Taste: Mellow smokiness evolves on the palate with vanilla, gingerbread and creaminess.
Finish: Long, smooth and lingering.
Drink recommendation: Best enjoyed neat in a tumbler glass. It's depth and character makes it a perfect base to an Old Fashioned.

Kalak is a phonetic spelling of “Cailleach”, the Irish Celtic Goddess and Queen of Winter. Kalak was the closest thing the Celts had to mother nature. She was the embodiment of the darker, more powerful side of nature.

Further details
Country of origin: Ireland
Company: Origin Spirits Ireland Ltd.
Address: Seskin Kilsheelan Co. Tipperary
Distributor: Alba Import oHG
Address: Alte Dorfstraße 33, 21640 Nottensdorf, Deutschland