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KI NO BI SEI Kyoto Dry Gin

Hand-crafted premium gin from Kyoto with sophisticated aromas and flavours.
0,7 liter - 54.5% ABV
currently not available
Article: KI NO BI SEI Kyoto Dry Gin
Country: Japan
Region: Kyoto
Distillery: The Kyoto Distillery
Alcohol: 54.5%
Characteristics: Ki NO Bi SEI is a Japanese gin distilled from rice spirit, complemented by the addition of 11 regional botanicals, such as yellow yuzu, hinoki, sancho pepper, bamboo leaf, cave-aged ginger and fine gyokuro tea from the renowned Uji tea grower Horii Shichimeien. The separate distillates are blended together with the famed waters of Fushimi from Tsuki-no-Kastura, a sake brewery dating back to 1675.

The name SEI, meaning 'power', has been chosen as this expression has evolved from the Japanese interpretation of the traditional Navy Strength style, recalibrated by the distilling team to assert greater botanical intensity at higher proof.

Further details
Country of origin: Japan
Company: The Kyoto Distillery
Address: Kyoto, Japan
Distributor: Kirsch Whisky
Address: Schnepker Str. 32 D-28857 Syke