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Julischka 0,5 Liter

Liqueur speciality out of Slivovitz and pear liqueur (Kruskovac.)
0,5 liter - 25% ABV
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Article: Julischka
Country: Kroatia
Alcohol: 25%
Colour: Golden
Taste: Unique and unmistakable. Full fruity taste of fully ripe plums and pears. At first dominates an  easily sweet flavour which slowly changes into a wonderful warmth.
Drink recommendation: Pure or on ice but also in the coffee a deliciousness. In the autumn and winter desires as "hot Julischka", simply heat up to this.

This unique Croatian liqueur speciality is a composition from two real specialities: Slivovitz (plum brand) and Kruskovac (pear liqueur). The Slivovitz is mixed with the aromatic Kruskovac according to an old handed down formula.

It is taken of special care at the choice of the plums and pears for Julischka on this that only fully ripe fruits are used for the production. As is well known, the Croatian plums and pears are part of the most popular of the world because of her special flavour.

Further details
Country of origin: Croatia
Company: NIMCRO d.o.o.
Address: Metalčeva 5, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska, Croatia